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Rupes Boat Polish Marine 1-step, 1L

Rupes Boat Polish Marine 1-step, 1L

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Rupes Polermedel Marin 1-step is a special agent for those who want to polish gelcoat. Gelcoat requires tough grips, XC-1 is a coarse polishing agent for a gelcoat in worn condition where quick removal is sought. XC-1 is very easy to wipe off and also gives a good shine. Designed for oscillating polishers but also works well with rotary.

After polishing with this agent, we recommend applying a wax to protect the boat.


  • Size 1000 ml
  • Perfect one-step polish to remove heavy oxidation, scratches and stains


If you are using a brand new polishing wheel, we recommend that you saturate it by spreading the polishing agent over the entire surface.
After that, it is enough to apply 2-4 pea-sized dabs of polishing agent to the polishing wheel.

Then distribute the agent on the surface you are going to polish on to avoid splashing polish everywhere. Spread the agent at a low speed at first and then gradually increase.

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