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Rupes Polishing Machine iBrid MINI HLR75

Rupes Polishing Machine iBrid MINI HLR75

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Rupes polishing machines are the best on the market.
The design, feel and ergonomics are something completely new with Rupe's new MINI Polisher HLR75. This is the machine for you who work professionally with car care where performance requirements such as low vibrations, great power and wonderful ergonomics are required. We recognize the iBrid technology from the smaller machine Nano, i.e. the machine can be run with battery power or *mains adapter with cord that connects to electrical outlet for continuous operation. CPR75 is powered by 18V 2.5 AH batteries, which gives approx. 35 minutes of operating time on one charge. Charging time 80% approx. 40 min. The balance weight of the machine is designed to be used with Rupe polishing wheels for best performance and ergonomics.

The beta kit consists of:

Systainer box, CPR75, charger, 2x batteries, 1 pc blue foam pulley, 1 pc blue wool pulley, 1 pc yellow wool pulley, 1 pc yellow foam pulley, 1 pc blue mf cloth, 1 pc yellow mf cloth, 1 pc 250 ml DA coarse, 1 pc 250 ml DA fine.

*The mains adapter is not included in the beta kit but can be ordered as an accessory.


        • New in 2022
        • Rupes iBRID MINI polisher HLR75 18Volt BETA



        Warning information:


        Technical information

        • Support washer 75mm
        • Max size pole disc 100mm
        • RPM 3000-5500
        • Weight 1.1kg
        • Orbit 12mm
        • Vibration 2.5m/sec2
        • Measurement uncertainty 1.2m/sec2
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