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Dealer for Ljungdahl Engineering

SWEDISHGLOSS is proud to tell you that we are now a reseller for Ljungdahl Engineering.

Ljungdhal Engineering is a Swedish company that manufactures e.g. Bottle holder.

Swedishgloss wants the selection on our website to be carefully selected, i.e. it should really be products that you benefit from.

Driving around in the car with all the products is, as I said, something we've all done to and from the car wash in the do-it-yourself halls.

Then you know how disturbing it is when bottles or buckets accidentally fall over and products are scattered everywhere in the luggage compartment.

With bottle holders, you will be able to keep things more organized. In addition, it gives a more professional impression in the laundry hall that, like me, you like to keep order when doing laundry. .

To get directly to the flap holder press here.

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