Services that we can perform on your vehicle.


We protect the environment at Swedishgloss. At the moment we don't have a laundry hall, but we drive to OK/Q8 and do it ourselves. Then the car is driven back to our garage where all interior and exterior work takes place as below. This option is the best in our opinion. We are looking for premises in Tyresö.
I am telling you this so that it will not come as a surprise to you as a customer.
This hasn't been a concern for all the cars we've done so far this year.
We perform all services only on weekends. As I work during the day as an engineer at a global company and in the evenings with e-commerce.

An inside & outside wash includes the car body, windows, wheel arches, rims, door frames. As well as interior cleaning of the car's compartment, seats, panels, floor and trunk.

Price: SEK 1875 incl. VAT

NEW CAR TREATMENT (New cars only)

For those who have just bought a new car and want it to get a ceramic cover and protect the car against harmful elements in the traffic environment.
Options: Glass, Rim, interior

Price from SEK 3,000 incl. VAT


This is a comprehensive treatment of the car's paintwork and interior. The treatment refines the car to almost new condition! We go through paint, leather, textiles, engine, luggage and all exterior and interior details. The car is protected with a wax that has a shelf life of 1 year depending on care.
From SEK 4,999 incl. VAT


The car gets a ceramic paint protection that lasts up to two years. Paint protection treatment has unique properties and gives the paint a magical shine. Perfect for those who want long-lasting paint protection and an easy-to-maintain and shiny car.

From SEK 6,499 incl . VAT.

Optional costs:

Glass: SEK 700 incl. VAT
Ceramic glass protection that is applied to all windows (incl. panorama) except the rear window. (If you want it on the rear window, it does not cost extra. However, we have noticed that it does not have the same effect as on the others.

Leather: SEK 600 incl. VAT

Protects and cleans the leather upholstery.

If you have a company and want your cars to be clean and nice, we can
invoice via fortknox.

Other: Currently, we do not have a rental car that we can offer.
If you live in Tyresö, we can offer free home driving and also car pick-up.

All services are billed via fortknox

Contact us via to book a time and date when you want to have your car refined.