Swedishgloss rekond BMW 530 svart 2019

Recond of Black BMW 530 XD incl. engine emblem removal

Another fine BMW that the customer wanted to have reconditioned so that it shines as a BMW should.

This car was also in good condition, but there were still some washing scratches here and there over the car. As usual, if you drop off your car with me at Swedishgloss, it should shine when it leaves my garage.
The customer also wanted to remove the engine emblem on the trunk lid to get a clean look. Of course, we help Swedishgloss with that.



2. Thank God, spring has started, so there is not so much winter dirt that I need to get rid of in the laundry hall. But a thorough and thorough wash is always carried out regardless of how little or how much dirt a car has. This is also the most important step in my opinion as I get a better feeling about which scratches or damage the paint may have to know how I should then tackle the car.
Photographing everything I find to be able to also show the customer if there is a scratch that might be impossible to remove or, in the other direction, show that we removed the scratch.

Dirt from salt

3. Before I actually went to the car wash, I started by removing the engine emblem. Sewing thread and the heat gun in front and begin to heat the emblem and then remove it. There is always a risk that glue remains on the paint, so I don't want to have to remove it after I wash the car.

Removal of emblems

4. Now that I have washed with cold degreasing , alkaline degreasing and a neutral shampoo , it is easier to see if there are scratches hidden under all the dirt.

Scratched piano lacquer door

5. Once back in the garage, I drove with Arcticlean's HEAVY CUT , then I switched to finer Polishes from Arcticlean .

6. After a number of hours and wear and tear, I apply arcticclean base coat and top coat. This should then cure for 6 hours. In addition, it is important not to wash with strong chemicals for 10 days after the car has received ceramic protection, as the hardening is still in progress. As you can see in the picture, only after I open the garage door and let in light from inside, you can see what a sick shine the car has got.

7. Here are the remaining pictures that show what a sick shine the car has got.


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