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Family car that needed a quick polish at short notice

If you are also looking for a spacious family car, I can probably recommend this car, a Lancia Voyager. These cars are made in Canada despite being an Italian brand. Previously it was chrysler that sold voyager but it switched to lancia.

There are quite a few such cars rolling around in Stockholm but not that many for sale.
A relative of mine bought this car and was going to roll it down to safety.
When I helped them look for a car and then also got to see it in real life, I couldn't let them go home with it with lots of washing scratches.

When you don't have enough time to do a thorough polishing, I can recommend that you buy a polishing agent that both polishes and protects at the same time. In our shop you can then buy such a product from the Arcticlean and Rupes brands.

For this car I used Rupes Uno Advance.
This agent is slightly runny and not like ordinary polishing agents.
Where it was the most scratched, I obviously had to use a coarse polishing agent.

These agents are more for restoring shine and reducing light scratches.

Below you can see the result, which was actually quite good in the end.

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