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Full report of a company car that has only been machine washed.

Was contacted by Capio that they need to get their two job cars fully inspected as they don't have time to wash the cars.
Of course you line up at Swedishgloss!

The cars are always outside so there was a lot of algae growth and other organic dirt on the cars so this was a challenge that we like!
The cars have always been machine washed so the inside of the doorways are quite dirty and even there a lot of algae has started to grow.
The rubber strips along the window panes were also affected.

The products we use to get the cars in good condition again are the products we sell on the website.

Company cars that are only washed in machine washes end up with growth as the water from the high pressure does not reach the inside of the doors.

Cleaned with arcticclean power clean which is a stronger alkaline degreaser to remove organic dirt.
You can see the result in the picture below! Turned out really well!

A lot of dirt inside the doors.
Before cleaning:

After cleaning:

As you can see in the picture below, there was a real difference. Over the years, the paint has become dull. But it is possible to get the shine back.

Below are some pictures of the final result:

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