Mercedes GLC 300de får lackskydds-behandling

Mercedes GLC 300de receives paint protection treatment

A nice Mercedes GLC 300de 4 matic gets a 2-step treatment with ceramic paint protection.
In addition, we refresh the plastic all around with a trim coat so the car looks new again. This is a SWG car so we take the opportunity to glass treat all the windows.

All products that we use on our customers' cars or swedishgloss' own cars are products that we sell ourselves. This is so that you as a customer can see that with the same means we use, you too can make your vehicle shine!

Products used:

Arcticclean Heavy Cut
Arcticclean Heavy Whool
Arcticlean Base Coat (Ceramic Paint Protection)
Arcticclean Top Coat
Arcticlean Trim Coat (Applies to all plastic parts ext.)
Rupes Polishing Compound DA Coarse Finishing Compound
Rupes Foam Roller Yellow

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