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Recond of BMW 520 Bernina gray metallic

It's been a while since I posted some recon of cars.

Now I received a really nice car with the delicious color Bernina gray metallic.

The customer's car is only 1 year old and wanted an exterior and interior wash.
As always, I go through with the customer before I start work where the customer can show me if there are any scratches or blemishes that I should be aware of.
Sometimes cars are really dirty and it might not be visible under all the dirt.
But in this case the car was in good condition and only had a few small scratches.
However, chose to do a one-step polishing to bring up the shine and then wax the car with a really good wax that lasts up to about 12 months if you take care of the car correctly.

First some exterior and interior photos of how the car looked before recond.

1. There were a lot of asphalt patches

Asphalt stains

2. exterior image of light dirt that you have now during the spring

dirty behind

3. Interior picture before cleaning

Dirty back seat

4. Dirt on the inside of doors where you often accidentally hit with your shoes.

5. The trunk.

6. Now it was just a matter of going and washing the outside of the car properly
Found a lot of air rust.
Used Arcticlean fallout on the rims and paint.
Arciclean fallout

7. Washed the engine compartment clean. This is not included in the recond, but is an additional cost.

Clean engine compartment

8. The result of a couple of hours of toil.

Tire gloss

Polished exterior

BMW rear end

Slanted from behind

9. SWEDISHGLOSS is also a reseller for Ljungdahl Engineering.
Make sure you also buy a bottle holder .

Bottle holder 6 pcs. 500 ml

10. Here are some interior after pictures

Clean inside

Clean inside

Clean luggage compartment

10. Hope you like what you see and thank you for shopping at SWEDISHGLOSS.

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