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Recond of a BMW 320 xdrive M package

We at Swedishgloss sometimes do recond on cars with the products we sell.
This is mainly so that we can give you the best possible service.

Here I will post pictures from a customer's car that we reconditioned.

The customer owns an Estoril blue BMW 320 Xdrive with the M package.
When the customer bought the car from a company outside Stockholm, she was disappointed that she received the car dirty and scratched. The company had promised her that they would wash and do a light recond on the car.

That's why I offered to help the customer get it in top condition!

What we did was a full report on the car!

The following steps were performed:


  1. As the car was dirty from all the dirt from salt, asphalt stains, etc., we had to wash the car thoroughly.
    Picture of car before washing:
  2. We made sure to wash the car with cold degreasing and Alkaline degreasing to remove all dirt. After we rinse the whole car, we spray on the rust remover on the whole car. Because the car is blue, it is difficult to see when the agent reacts with the air rust. Then the agent changes color to purple.
    Picture of car with anti-rust agent:
    Aircraft rust
    air rust rim

  3. Before we shampoo the car, we clean all the rims. We also took the opportunity to clean the engine compartment.
    Since the rims are very dirty, we don't want it to end up on the paintwork. So get out the rim brush and start cleaning.
    Meguair's rim brush
    Rim brush clean rim
    engine dirty
  4. When the rims are clean, we shampoo the car. For that I used a foamlance where I mixed shampoo with water. This is not a must, you can just as well do it in the traditional way by using e.g. the two bucket method. That is, one bucket filled with water and shampoo and the other just clean water that you rinse out of the wash glove.
    Unfortunately I can't find a picture of when I did this.
  5. Now it's time to clay the car with a special clay. This is a little different because some cars may not always need to be clayed while some if you drag your palm against the paint and it sounds like sandpaper, there is still dirt that can be removed from the paint before the polishing begins.
    Here I usually spray a layer of shampoo on the car and clay it.
    I think it works just as well as when you drive with a means called e.g. clay lube etc
    But having said that, you can also think like this. If you are going to clay your car and then apply a wax then yes I would recommend using clay lube. But if you're going to polish like I'm going to do, then I think this works well. This is the thing about car care, I think you should dare to test your own ways too.. not everything is black or white.

  6. As you can see in the pictures, I have chosen to wash the car in an OKQ8 do it yourself.
    This is to show that if you don't have your own laundry etc., it is possible to do it this way as well. I chose to do the rough wash at OKQ8 and then drove the car home where I then rinsed the car again so as not to risk polishing a car that has received dust from the gravel placed on the roads.

  7. Then it was time for rough polishing. As I said, this car had a lot of scratches and marks on the paint. However, it was difficult to get everything in a picture, but below are a few different pictures so you can get an idea of ​​the work that was to be carried out. To remedy this, the car was polished with a FLEX polishing machine and Rupe's wool pad and medium-hard foam pulley.
    For this I used Meguiar's Ultimate Compound (Rubbing) and Meguiar's Ultimate Polish (Fine polishing)
    mark before polishing

    mark rear bumper

  8. Here are the results after polishing.
    polished hood
    The picture below shows the difference on the untreated plastic on the right side, while the left side I treated with Meguair's Natural Shine
    Engine before and after treatment with Natural Shine
    As you can see, I removed the scratches on the rear bumper. But with that said, it does not mean that ev. damage disappeared but it is harder for the eye to see it now.
    rear bumper without mark

    the car
    The car also received Paint Protection which would harden for 24 hours. But after 14 hours you can drive the car in traffic. But you would prefer to avoid the first 24 hours that it is exposed to rain/snow depending on the season.

  9. Then it was time to clean the inside of the car.
    Here I chose to vacuum clean the car first and then clean the windows inside. Tip is to spray in the microfiber cloth/Glass cloth instead of spraying directly on the window, because then you will avoid all splashes that come in places where you don't want it.
    Meguiar's Perfect clarity glass cleaner
    After I cleaned all the windows in the car, I used APC (All purpose cleaner).
    This agent sold by Arcticlean, PURE:EST and Meguiars is always good to have as you can remove dirt from, dust, drinks, grease, skin creams etc. Can be used on both leather and textiles.
    The steering wheel, which very easily becomes glossy over time, can usually be cleaned with APC and a multi-sponge / interior brush.
    Leather should be matte when it is clean of all the dirt that we had on our hands.
    Cleaning steering wheel
    cleaning the interior
    Also took the opportunity to clean the pedals of all dirt so you get a good impression when you get your car back.

  10. Finally, I treated the leather to soften the leather and give it protection so it lasts a long time.
    Leather chairs

  11. The last thing that was done on the car was glass treatment. It is highly recommended as it is very easy to put on the cover and makes it easier now when it is winter and dark with varying weather such as rain and snow.
    glass treatment
    Here I used Meguair's products to protect the windshield and the side windows.
    Glass treatment agent

The customer was very happy and pleasantly surprised that her car was so clean and nice. The paint was perceived as bluer after it was polished and treated with paint protection.

Here below are some mixed photos!
If you have read this far, we say thank you and hope you will be satisfied as a customer with us!

Before polishing

Before polishing
After polishing the picture below

After polishing


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