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Recond of family car VW Sharan

Then it was time to do an exterior recond of a family car.
The VW Sharan is a popular family car and the customer has owned this car for a couple of years. When the customer bought the car, it was already full of washing scratches.
And SWEDISHGLOSS likes it, so you will be able to see a real difference when you polish the car.

1. We start by driving the car to a car wash and wash the car clean and clay the car with a special clay.

2. Made a 50/50 comparison so that you can see what difference there is when you polish the car. Here you can see that the right side became much less scratched and the paint started to shine again.

3. Even the classic piano black materials on the doors made a big difference in the before and after picture:

After polishing, it became mirror-gloss.

Below is the result after polishing and varnish protection treatment.

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