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Arcticlean Stain Remover Multisponge, 11X7CM

Arcticlean Stain Remover Multisponge, 11X7CM

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ARCTICLEAN Multisponge has many uses.
Within recond, together with Interior Clean, it is incomparably good for interiors.
You can clean the dashboard, door panels, really ingrown and dirty leather/vinyl seats etc

Externally, you can remove paint from other objects stuck in the paint, e.g. when opening the door, start by testing the multi-sponge to minimize possible polishing and getting down to the deep end.

The multi sponge is what it's called! Simply dare to try!

The sponges are used up but can be washed out and dried!


  • Clean/remove various types of stains both interior and exterior
  • Size 11X7 cm


This is a perfect product to test on different types of materials.

For example. use it together with APC (All Purpose Cleaner) or equivalent product but not acid or alcohol based chemicals.

The leather of the steering wheel should be matte when clean. If it is shiny, it is due to grease and dirt. Use the Multisponge together with an agent mentioned above and see the difference.

ATTENTION! Even if the sponge scratches minimally, it has an abrasive effect and you should therefore be careful and cautious on sensitive material such as e.g. leather upholstery.

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