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Arcticlean Rubbing Polish Heavy Cut Compound, 250ML & 1L

Arcticlean Rubbing Polish Heavy Cut Compound, 250ML & 1L

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Arcticlean Heavy Cut upgraded version 2023 Compound is a highly abrasive, easy-to-use polish that easily removes scratches, blemishes and oxidation on hard and soft lacquers, gelcoat, plexiglass and many other glossy materials.
It has the latest in polish technology and leaves an extremely fine surface to be a deburring product.


  • Effectively removes scratches and leaves a high gloss on the paintwork
  • Contains aluminum oxide which breaks down during the work and minimizes after-work.
  • Free from silicone and fillers, which leaves an honest result
  • Water-based formula that provides a good working environment without strong odors and unnecessary dusting.
  • Size 250 ml


Very good and simple means to use when you want to remove larger scratches.
Make sure to wash the car thoroughly before use.
2-4 pea drops on the pulley is enough if you polish with an oscillating machine.
The first time it can be good to saturate the pulley by putting a little more agent on the pulley.
Recommends to run a lap with a finer polish after rubbing.

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