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Arcticlean Quality Drying Towel, 74X90CM/530GSM

Arcticlean Quality Drying Towel, 74X90CM/530GSM

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ARCTICLEAN best drying towel with maximum thread density, which gives it maximum absorbency. You can easily wipe an entire car without having to wring out the cloth. Leaves no drying marks and is safe to use


  • 530 GSM.
  • Size 74X90 cm.
  • Machine washable, Wash at 40° without fabric softener or fabric softener. Resistant to tumble drying.


If you're still using chamois to dry your car, you're missing out!
Really recommend switching to a microfibre cloth instead as chamois runs the risk of scratching your paint. With a high-quality drying cloth, you minimize the risk of scratches when drying.

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