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Battery-powered polishing machine Rupes HLR15BAS

Battery-powered polishing machine Rupes HLR15BAS

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Rupes has once again set the standard for the market and raises the bar considerably with these two completely newly developed battery machines HLR15 and HLR21. This is truly the Formula 1 class of polishing machines with cutting-edge technology and innovation through and through! Thanks to the powerful and energy-efficient brushless motor, power and torque are promised in the same class as corded machines.

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Delivery time 2-5 working days!

Base Package CPR15/BAS - Contains

  • 1 Polisher
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 charger
  • 4 wool skeins
  • 4 foam pads
  • 1 pc 250 ml DA coarse
  • 1 pc 250 ml DA fine polishing agent.


    • New super-quiet drives in ultra-hard composite material for quiet operation with a long service life
    • Brand new, slim PrecisionPro support plate with rubber protection
    • Blue led indicator for current battery status along motor body and handle
    • iBrid technology - it comes with a corded adapter that allows continuous operation
    • Newly designed balance weight, perfectly balanced for the new PrecisionPro backing plate and Rupes polishing wheels - incredibly low vibration, best machine we've ever tried.
    • 18 Volt 5 Ah (10 cells) 30-40 minutes of continuous operation on 1 battery
    • The charger with sockets for 2 batteries and fully charges 1 battery in 50-55 minutes


    • Cannot create holograms - thanks to the oscillating motion
    • Very low vibrations - the machine's balance weight is adapted to Rupe's polishing wheels
    • Gives a perfect result after just 1 polishing step on most vehicles - saves time
    • Polishes "cold" thanks to low friction - too much heat can cause damage to the paint
    • Best choice for a safe and secure polishing process - good for you without previous experience

    Warning information:


    Technical information

    Support washer etc 125
    Polishing disc max etc 150
    V heredity v/min 3000-5200
    Track etc
    Weight kg
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