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Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys Protective Detailer Lucent Spray Shine, 473 ml

Chemical Guys Protective Detailer Lucent Spray Shine, 473 ml

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Chemical Guys Lucent Spray Shine is an ultra-modern quick detailer with built-in polymer wax that shines and protects in a fantastic way. With its cool exterior with almost luminescent liquid, wonderful pigline-like dof and strong protection, Lucent Spray Shine is given as a great all-in-one product that is perfect in many situations. It is easy to apply and the advanced polymer technology provides long-term protection with good water drainage.


  • Spray on exterior surfaces and wipe with microfiber cloth
  • Fast wax with long-lasting protection
  • Quick drying without leaving streaks
  • Removes water stains effectively
  • Also works perfectly as a drying support
  • Good alternative as waterless washing
  • Scent: Fruity
  • Size 473ml



Warning information:

The product does not contain substances hazardous to health or the environment in concentrations required to be labelled.

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