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Clearance APC - 500 ml

Clearance APC - 500 ml

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GIWAUTOPART Clearance APC is an effective all-purpose cleaner that has bactericidal properties. When you apply Clearance, you not only get your surface clean of dirt, but it also removes all bacteria.

Clearance is for the inside of the vehicle but works just as well to use in the home or other places where you want to create a clean and antibacterial surface.


  • Area of ​​use: Cleaning of the interior of cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, machines, floors, the home and the office, etc.
  • What does it remove? Surface dirt, mold and bacteria.
  • Mixing ratio: -
  • Store: Not in freezing temperatures
  • Volume: 500 ml


Spray on and treat the dirt with e.g. a brush or brush. Wipe.

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