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Elsea Upholstery washer - Estro 110

Elsea Upholstery washer - Estro 110

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Elsea ESTRO 110 is our smallest upholstery washer and it works with cold water. The Estro 110 comes with a complete hose package so just fill with water and get to work. It is not difficult to understand why the Estro 110 is a bestseller with its generous water flow and high suction power. See the dirt literally spray in through the transparent nozzle. When only clear liquid is sucked up, the surface is clean. The water tank is located in the base for a low center of gravity and no risk of spillage and over-suction, so water can get to the motor and electronics and cause problems. For best flexibility, the hose is swiveled at both ends.


  • Powerful upholstery wash
  • Supplied complete with hose
  • Solenoid pump with automatic on/off
  • Chemical/water tank in base for low center of gravity
  • Built-in anti-foam device
  • Water tank 8 l
  • Collection container 23 l


  • Suitable for cleaning e.g. carpets, furniture and car seats
  • Empty the tank (dust container) after each use and clean
  • If you used chemicals in the water tank, rinse out the machine with water only, connect water to the suction hose and run the spray function for a few seconds until only water comes out.
  • We recommend ONLY running water into the tank, use a pressure sprayer with a chemical on the side
  • Make sure the engine filter is on and fresh
  • disconnect nipples for the spray function after each use.
  • After use, turn off pump motor and press trigger once to relieve pressure for storage.

Technical information:

  • Number of motors each 1
    Power W 1250
    Type of engine 2 stage
    Dust container l 21
    Chemical/water tank l 8
    Cooling Air cooled
    Air flow m3/h 170
    Sound pressure level dB(A) 71
    Pump capacity l/min 0.8
    Weight kg 17
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