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Elsea Upholstery wash Estro Hotwave - Hot water

Elsea Upholstery wash Estro Hotwave - Hot water

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Elsea Estro Hotwave is a substantial hot water upholstery washer with a 37 liter dust container and 8 liter water tank. Adjustable control for heaters with a maximum temperature of 90 degrees. Continuous water flow maintains a temperature of about 50 degrees. A substantial 2 meter hose package with nozzle is included. Hot water cleans more effectively than cold water, and therefore a gentler mixture with chemicals is needed, which in turn causes less wear and tear on the material being cleaned.

Powerful industrial motor with double fan chamber provides very good vacuum and air flow, which in turn contributes to more liquid being sucked out and thereby shortens the drying time. Generous flow of water for maximum efficiency. Watch the dirt being sucked out through the transparent nozzle until only clean water is sucked up. Then the surface is clean.


  • Powerful and robust design
  • Supplied with hydrolytic hose and armrest nozzle
  • Hose length 2 m
  • Solenoid pump with automatic on/off
  • Chemical/water tank in the base to get a low center of gravity
  • Built-in anti-foam device to reduce the risk of the chemical foaming in the chemical tank.
    Wash effectively with hot and cold water
  • Water tank 8 l
  • Collection container 37 l


  • Mix the desired strength chemical in a separate spray bottle, spray on the upholstery and rub with a suitable brush to get the liquid down deep into the material.
  • Fill the water tank of the Estro with clean water. Wait a few minutes until the heater is up to temperature. Then run the upholstery wash as normal. Then the chemical mixture is effectively sucked out of the fabric and the risk of the chemical adversely affecting the fabric is minimised.

Technical information:

  • Number of motors each 1
    Power W 1400/800
    Type of engine Double fan chamber
    Dust container l 37         
    Chemical/water tank l 8
    Cooling Air cooled
    Air flow m3/h 215
    Sound pressure level dB(A) 78        
    Pump capacity l/min 0.8
    Weight kg 18       
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