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Kwazar Pressure sprayer Venus Super HD Alka Line, 1.5l

Kwazar Pressure sprayer Venus Super HD Alka Line, 1.5l

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Kwazar's pressure sprayers are of extremely high quality and cannot be compared to the cheaper models that feel like the pump handle bends every time you pump or have an unstable bottom. Kwazar's Venus Super Heavy Duty pressure sprayer has a very ergonomic and stable design, even when the bottle is empty it stands firmly on the ground. The nozzle can be set in different directions, so it is easier to spray in the wheel arches or under the car, for example.


  • Pressure sprayer that can withstand strong alkaline agents
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Durable and robust design
  • Air nipple to easily relieve pressure.


ATTENTION! Do not store the pressure syringe under pressure!

Do not store the chemical in the container when not in use, then the product lasts better!

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