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Meguiar's Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 710 ml

Meguiar's Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 710 ml

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Meguiar's Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Cleaner is the successor to the All Purpose Cleaner, but now even more effective and the obvious choice for cleaning all interior surfaces. But also some exterior surfaces.
The agent has a foaming effect that effectively lifts the dirt. The unique blend of softeners and the optical additives bring out the new feeling on carpets, other textiles and vinyl.
The product is also excellent for washing upholstery. Suitable for the car as well as for the home.

ATTENTION! Not for use on glass surfaces.


  • General cleaning
  • The product is already pre-mixed
  • Can be used on some exterior parts except glass
  • Size 710 ml



Spray directly into a microfiber cloth or, if necessary, directly onto the surface.

Work the agent and surface with a clean microfiber cloth or detailing brush.

Wipe clean / dry with a clean microfiber cloth.


The product can also be used externally.

Spray on the surface.

Leave to act for a few minutes depending on the type of dirt! (NOTE: Do not let dry)

If necessary and possible, work with any tool (detail brush, sponge (e.g. in the engine compartment))

Rinse thoroughly and rinse clean.

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