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Meguiar's Car Shampoo Ultimate Wash & Wax 473 ml & 1420 ml

Meguiar's Car Shampoo Ultimate Wash & Wax 473 ml & 1420 ml

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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash&Wax is a car shampoo that contains wax that gives the paintwork extra protection and shine. A combination of carnauba wax and synthetic polymers provides very good protection and shine! A true classic product from Meguiar that is popular year after year thanks to its cleaning ability and the fine shine it leaves behind.


  • Hybrid carnauba wax / polymer wax protection
  • Incredibly good cleaning effect removes dirt
  • Improved gloss and shine in one easy step
  • Mix 30ml to 10L of water
  • Size 473 ml & 1420 ml


A shampoo that really smells good and that I myself have used for many years!
You can dilute according to the manufacturer's instructions in a washing bucket, but I personally think you should dare to test what you think is a good mixture.
Good to use the two bucket method.

Warning information:

EUH208 May cause an allergic reaction.
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