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Meguiar's Car Wax Ultimate Paste Wax, 226 g

Meguiar's Car Wax Ultimate Paste Wax, 226 g

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Meguiar's glossiest and most "wet-look" giving wax they have created.
Color intensifies the paint on your car for even better depth and shine.
Synthetic wax that delivers worry-free results and is easy to work with. A dream to apply and just as easy to wipe off.


  • Protects the paintwork and gives a deep shine
  • Size 226 g


For best results, I recommend polishing the car before applying wax.
You know best what condition your car/s are in.
Clean with IPA before applying the wax to the car for best adhesion.

Apply a thin layer of wax by hand with an applicator sponge or by machine.
Take a portion at a time. Work the wax in, let it dry for a while but don't let the wax solidify completely. Then wipe off the remaining agent with a microfiber cloth.

Avoid working in direct sunlight!

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