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Meguiar's Paint Seal Hybrid Paint Coating Kit

Meguiar's Paint Seal Hybrid Paint Coating Kit

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Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating kit is perfect for those who want an easy-to-use paint sealer. This protection contains advanced TrueCure technology and bonds with the paint for maximum durability while being resistant to harsh chemicals (cold degreasing).
The vehicle will get an extremely durable, smooth and water-repellent layer that makes maintenance washing much easier.

The manufacturer states a durability of up to 12 months!

ATTENTION! The kit contains the following:

  • Premium Applicator (5 X 4 cm)
  • Hybrid Paint Coating
  • Surface Prep
  • 2 X microfiber cloths (60 X 40 cm)


  • Varnish seal
  • Hybrid Polysilocane technology
  • True Cure technology
  • Curing time: 12 hours


In order for the paint seal to be optimal, we recommend polishing the car to get the best result.

1. Wash the car thoroughly with any shampoo of your choice (preferably without wax), rinse the car

2. Polish away any laundry scratches etc. skip this step if the car is in good condition.

3. Clean the car's paintwork with the included Surface Prep for the paint sealer to adhere best.

4. Spray on the lacquer protector on the supplied applicator and apply to one panel at a time.

5. Wipe the panel on which you applied the agent with the provided microfiber cloth.

6. Once the entire vehicle is protected, the protection must cure for 12 hours before exposing the vehicle to moisture.

7. The manufacturer also recommends that you avoid washing the car 7 days after the treatment still reaches its final curing time.

Avoid working in direct sunlight.

Warning information:

Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressure vessel: May explode when heated
Very toxic to aquatic organisms with long-term effects
Security notices
Have the package or label handy if you need to seek medical attention
Keep out of reach of children
Must not be exposed to heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other sources of ignition. Smoking forbidden
Do not spray over open flames or other sources of ignition
May not be punctured or burned, also applies to emptied container
Avoid emissions to the environment. Protect from sunlight. Must not be exposed to temperatures above 50 °C. The contents and the container are handed over to an authorized waste disposal facility

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