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Meguiar's Leather Treatment Ultimate Leather details, 473ml

Meguiar's Leather Treatment Ultimate Leather details, 473ml

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Meguiar's Ultimate Leather Detailer is a perfect tool for those who want a product that includes all the steps to maintain and maintain the look and feel of leather. Meguair's agent has a good cleaning ability that quickly and gently removes dirt and restores the leather's natural appearance.
The product also contains protection against UV radiation to keep your leather in the best condition.


  • Protects and cleans the leather
  • Quickly and easily removes dust and dirt to restore the leather's appearance
  • Can be used on plastic and vinyl
  • Size 473 ml


Shake well before use.

  1. Test first on a small hidden area to test the color fastness.
  2. Spray directly into a microfiber cloth or application pad. Work the leather section by section.
  3. Wipe off the excess.

For best results, work on a cool surface and do not apply the agent to transparent plastic or navigation screens.

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