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Meguiar's Plastic polish PlastX, 296 ml

Meguiar's Plastic polish PlastX, 296 ml

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Meguiar's PlastX is an effective and easy-to-use plastic polish with a cleaning effect. The agent is perfect to use to polish up plastic windows on boat canopy and tired rear and front lights. The agent has a refined cutting technology that easily removes minor scratches, oxidation, chemical damage, coatings and stains from the plastic.


  • Polishes away yellow and scratched front and rear lights
  • Used by hand or with a polishing wheel
  • Size 296 ml


Clean the surface thoroughly before polishing.

Apply 2-4 dabs to the polishing pad and wipe with microfibre. Repeat until you are satisfied with the result.
The tool can also be operated by hand.
Then clean the surface with IPA and protect with ceramic paint protection or wax.

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