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Meguiar's Cleansing Detailer Hybrid Ceramic Detailer, 710 ml

Meguiar's Cleansing Detailer Hybrid Ceramic Detailer, 710 ml

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Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Detailer is the perfect product for removing light dirt and dust and maintaining that freshly washed look. The product leaves behind a layer of hybrid SiO2 ceramic protection that provides extreme water drainage while giving you an incredible shine.


  • Cleansing ceramic instant wax
  • Size 710 ml
  • The advantage of this is that it can be topped on top of all types of protection without breaking it down!
  • SiO2 Hybrid technology


First of all, this product is perfect to take with you in the car.
Those of you who recognize yourself when you get home from the car wash and see that there is already dust or fingerprints on the door, you can pick up this product with a clean microfiber cloth. If you are really unlucky, you may already have bird droppings on the car.
Then I recommend that you remove it with this agent and a microfibre cloth which you then throw away.

Of course you can use paper, but paper can actually scratch the paint!

This product is also perfect for enhancing the protection of your car without breaking down the existing one.

Make sure the car is dry & clean. Spray on a thin layer in a dry & clean microfiber cloth. If necessary, you can also spray a thin layer directly on the surface, but be careful so that it does not get on unwanted surfaces such as glass. Then buff off until the desired result is achieved.

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