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Non-Stop Battery-powered foamer 1.8 liters

Non-Stop Battery-powered foamer 1.8 liters

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Non-stop sprays are the new flexible and easy way to apply chemicals.
Thanks to the innovative solution with an air pump at the bottom of the unit, a regulator-controlled pressure of max. 2 bar is pumped up into the container without contact with the liquid, so the unit is extremely resistant to many types of chemicals. Three LEDs indicate charging status. The device makes thick and rich foam from all chemicals that form foam. The Non-Stop foamer also works well as a regular sprayer without foam after unscrewing the nozzle at the front of the unit and removing the foam adapter. After work, the pressure is released easily with a pull on the valve on the top of the unit.


  • Non-Stop foamer 1.8 Liter
  • Powered by rechargeable 7.2 Volt Lithium battery
  • For foaming chemicals and cold degreasing etc. (foam adapter is removed before)
  • Three different foam adapters for different thicknesses of foam
  • Charged with the supplied USB cable
  • CE certified


Do not store the chemical in the container when not in use, then the product lasts better!

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