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ONE Solution Fly rust remover Purple rain, 500 ml

ONE Solution Fly rust remover Purple rain, 500 ml

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One solution Puple Rain is an effective fly rust remover for both paint and rims.
PH neutral which on contact with brake dust or fly rust indicates a purple color and loosens the particles.


  • Removes brake dust and iron particles (air rust) from wheels and paint
  • Color indicates purple color as it dissolves the particles
  • Size 500 ml


You can use this agent a little differently. I usually, after I spray on cold degreasing/Alkaline degreasing, also spray the agent on the rims.

When driving on the paint, e.g. before a polish, I spray on this agent after I rinse off all the dirt. See below for more info on how to do it depending on the rim/paint!


Shake the bottle and spray on the rims and leave for about 5 minutes and then rinse off with high pressure for best results.


For best results make sure to degrease the vehicle and rinse it off.
Spray Purple rain on the entire vehicle and wait about 2-10 minutes.

If the car has air rust, you will quickly see that it turns purple. May be harder to see on dark colors.

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