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Polishing agent package Rupes - 250ML

Polishing agent package Rupes - 250ML

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Rupe's polishing agent package is a perfect package for you who want to try polishing your vehicle. In this package you get two different funds for different purposes.
Blue color at Rupes is synonymous with high harvesting, i.e. is usually used as a first step to quickly remove a report on an object in damaged/worn condition.
The Yellow color of rupes is perfect as a second step after rope removal or as a one-step product. It leaves an incredibly fine finish on basically all materials such as e.g. lacquer, gelcoat or varnish. The products are also easy to wipe off so as not to risk scratching sensitive surfaces with the microfiber cloth unnecessarily.

When you buy this package, you save 15% compared to buying individually.


1 pc. Rupes Polishing agent DA coarse Compound

1 pc. Rupes Polishing agent DA coarse Fine Compound

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