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All-round drying cloth Yellow, 40X40CM

All-round drying cloth Yellow, 40X40CM

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PURE:EST Microfibre cloth for general cleaning is perfect to use from cleaning the inside of the vehicle to cleaning rims or the like. Pure:est microfiber cleaning cloth maintains high quality and can be machine washed at 60 degrees several times, which is good for your wallet and our environment.

Pure:est recommends washing its microfiber products once before use. ATTENTION! No fabric softener may be used
Only use liquid detergent to reduce the risk of undissolved washing powder ending up among the fibers. This is to reduce the fact that you have residues in your microfiber cloth when you have to use it on your vehicle

For the logo, Pure:est has chosen a printing technique that disappears after a couple of washes, this is completely normal. This printing technique is chosen to give a soft logo that does not damage the varnish.


  • All-round cloth for interior and exterior cleaning
  • Perfect for wiping off polish residues and paint protection/ceramic products
  • The canvas measures 40X40 cm
  • Thickness: 350 g/m2


Wash without fabric softener

Pure:est microfiber cloths do not contain chemicals that increase absorbency. They have their completely natural absorption capacity.

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