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Tire & Rubber brush

Tire & Rubber brush

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PURE:EST cleaning brush is a must have among your car care products.
The brush has harder bristles, which makes it perfect to use to clean the sides of the tires and the rubber mats of your vehicle.


  • Cleaning of deck sides and rubber mats
  • Hard bristles to make it easier to clean the tire sides versus soft brushes


Perfect to use to clean tire sides with as the straws are harder than when using e.g. a brush that is more suitable for cleaning the side of the rim.

We ourselves use this brush as it is simple and easy to carry in the washing bucket. Why is it good to have a brush with stiff bristles?
If you notice that when you have washed your tires and the tire sides have dried but look brownish, then it is because you have not cleaned the tire sides properly. Therefore, use a cleaning brush to get black tires again.

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