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Rim seal W3, 500 ml

Rim seal W3, 500 ml

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PURE: EST W3 is a product developed for you who want to give your rims protection so that they are easy to keep clean as dirt becomes more difficult to stick to the surface. W3 is a varnish seal that is easy and flexible to apply and provides a shelf life of a few months.
If you want longer durability, we recommend Pure:est P5 alt. Arcticclean Wheel Coat.


  • Rim sealing of rims
  • Scent: None
  • Color: White
  • Not dilutable
  • Size 500 ml


Really recommend using IPA (Isoprpanol based) cleaner before applying rim sealer. Wipe the rims so they are dry.
Feel free to use air pressure to get rid of any water that can hide in nooks and crannies. Spray on W3 on an applicator and apply to the rim. Leave on for a minute and then wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth.

Very simple protection for your rims that is easy to apply.

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