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Pre-detergent A3 Alkaline Snowfoam 1 liter & 5 litres

Pre-detergent A3 Alkaline Snowfoam 1 liter & 5 litres

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Pureest A3 is a foaming alkaline degreaser that makes pre-washing more enjoyable.
Washing your car with a foam lance has many advantages: The application is faster with a foam lance , it takes longer for the foam to dry, which means that the product can stay and work on dissolving the dirt for a longer time.

The idea with A3 is to get rid of as much dirt as possible without having to touch the paint. The better the pre-wash of the car, the less risk you will get washing scratches.
A3 is also perfect to have with you when you need to do a quick maintenance wash.

The product has an alkaline base, which means it has a good bite against pollen, bird droppings and other general organic dirt. A3 has a milder PH level than, for example, A2, which means that it is kinder to paint protection. If the vehicle is really dirty, we recommend using Pure:est A2 instead.


  • Color: Purple
  • Scent: Purest Cologne
  • Nozzle: Childproof cork (no spray trigger)
  • Dilution: The product can be diluted with water
  • pH: 11
  • The product does not contain PFAS (highly fluorinated substances).


  1. Mix the product either by diluting with water directly in the foamlance bottle or by adjusting the water flow on your foamlance. A3 can be diluted with 10-20 parts of water.
  2. Spray on using your foamlance, adjusting the water flow so you get a thick layer of foam.
  3. Let the foam work on the surface for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Rinse with high pressure.

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