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Foam applicator Foam Lance, incl. adapters

Foam applicator Foam Lance, incl. adapters

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PURE:EST Foam applicator called FOAM LANCE is used together with your high pressure washer to foam shampoo or alkaline degreaser on your vehicle. Unlike other manufacturers, it includes adapters for various high-pressure washers available on the Swedish market. This is perfect alt. as you as a customer don't have to worry about whether your foamlance will fit your pressure washer or not.

These couplings are included in the package:

  • G1/4-G1/4 adapter
  • Kärcher K series
  • Black & Decker
  • Bosch
  • Kew/Alto adapter
  • Lavor Adapter
  • Kärcher HD adapter
  • 1/4-M22*1.5 14mm
  • Nilfisk


  • Foam applicator
  • Size 1 liter
  • Recommended pressure (200 bar, 2900psi)
  • Use with pressure washer


Foam Lance is a perfect aid for performing a pre-wash, hand wash or applying protection such as e.g. ceramic shampoo.


We at Swedishgloss usually use foam lance for pre-washing the car and on those occasions where the car is slightly dirty and you need to clean the car quickly before a car meet or an important meeting where you have to pick up a customer.
When using foam lance with pre-detergent, you do not need to dilute the agent beforehand, but can be poured undiluted into the container. The Foam Lancen mixes and dilutes the agent with water during use. Expect that it may take about 1-2 dl of detergent for one wash. Then leave the agent on the car long enough to be able to dissolve the dirt and slowly slide off the car. Then rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer.


We at Swedishgloss usually also use a foam lance when we hand wash the car.
This is not a must but works well with the two bucket method.
But to minimize the risk of scratches, you can pour shampoo into the container and distribute the agent over the car and then use a washing glove and separate washing bucket to rinse out the washing glove.

Lacquer treatment:

With the help of Foam Lance, you can also give the paint a little extra shine after washing. We sell quick seal shampoo that you can spray on the car to seal the car. Here I recommend that you test yourself until you find a good mixture of the agent.

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