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Foam polishing pads - 3 pack

Foam polishing pads - 3 pack

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PURE:EST foam pulleys with a center hole of 22mm. If you have a polishing machine without a center hole, it doesn't matter as the hole in the middle is also good for dissipating heat when polishing.
Pure:est polishing pads maintain the highest possible quality and can be machine washed at 40 degrees.
This package is perfect for those who are perhaps beginners or experienced and want different hardnesses on the foam rollers.
The polishing wheels have rounded edges, which means that you avoid sharp contact with the parts you do not want to be treated and you get a smoother transition in the places where the surface is not completely flat
This package contains three different pulleys for you to achieve the perfect finish when polishing.
-Soft (blue)
-Medium (orange)
-Hard (green)


  • Can be machine washed
  • Made in Sweden
  • Size : The polishing surface is 145mm / 130mm surface facing the polishing machine
  • Works well on oscillating polishers

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