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Polishing wheel Wool wheel

Polishing wheel Wool wheel

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PURE:EST wool pulley with center hole 22 mm. If you have a polishing machine without a center hole, it doesn't matter as the hole in the middle is also good for dissipating heat when polishing.
Pure:est polishing pads maintain the highest possible quality and can be machine washed at 30 degrees.
Keep in mind that polishing wheels cut different amounts of paint when polishing.
As a beginner, it can be good to drive with foam pulleys.
Wool pulleys are much more aggressive and take the most when polishing.


  • Can be machine washed at 30 degrees
  • Made in Sweden
  • Size : The polishing surface is 140mm / 130mm surface facing the polishing machine
  • Works well on oscillating polishers


We usually use the wool squeegee for really faded paint or a lot of scratches.
Test yourself on a small area to see if you need to use the pulley on the whole car or only where it is most scratched.

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