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Meguiar's Cleansing Clay Smooth Surface Clay Bar, 80g

Meguiar's Cleansing Clay Smooth Surface Clay Bar, 80g

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Meguiar's Smooth Surface Clay Bar effectively removes smaller particles from paint and glass surfaces.

Properties :

  • Removes small particles from the paint
  • Size: 80G


Before polishing, I recommend cleaning the car with mud to remove stubborn dirt, rust particles and asphalt stains. Divide the clay into a smaller piece and shape and flatten the clay in your hand. Use the clay together with lubricant alt. car shampoo and water. The important thing is that it slides over the paint to prevent few scratches on the paint.
When the clay has become dirty, you fold the dirt in and use a new surface on the varnish.

Rinse the car after treatment.

And as usual, if you drop something on the ground, don't use it on the car, but throw the mud away and take a new one instead.

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