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Rupes DA Fine Microfiber Pad Yellow

Rupes DA Fine Microfiber Pad Yellow

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The unique microfiber material combined with the semi-soft foam is a perfect balance between removal of defects, good finish and the pulley's ability to handle the contours of the car. The yellow microfiber pad from Rupes is best used together with Rupes DA fine polishing agent or DA coarse blue for even faster removal of defects.

NOTE sold individually! The picture shows the front and back


  • Area of ​​use: Medium cutting polishing wheel
  • New in 2022
  • DA fine microfiber pad
  • Yellow - removes medium depth defects effectively on fully cured paint


Rupe's Yellow microfibre squeegees are perfect for those who want to remove medium-deep defects/scratches.
Rupe's polishing pads meet a high standard and as long as you use the polishing pad correctly and maintain it, you can polish many cars with the same polishing pad.

Rupe's pulleys are delivered in closed, high-quality packaging that protects against harmful UV light, humidity and contamination.

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