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Rupes Polisher Mark III DA BigFoot - LHR15III/STD

Rupes Polisher Mark III DA BigFoot - LHR15III/STD

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Rupes LHR15III delivers a wonderful combination of an effective removal of defects in the paint while the finish is really good. 15 provides more flexibility than 21 thanks to the smaller draft and smaller support plate of 125mm. The Mark III is the latest upgrade with loads of power, especially around concave surfaces as the machine has an impressive rotational force which makes it easier to get a good result. The ergonomics are top notch thanks to many rubber details for optimal grip.

Polisher only: LHR15III/STD


    • Oscillating polishing machine with 15mm draft
    • Mark III - Rupe's worst thing model
    • Mark III - Stronger and faster than the ES models
    • Mark III - Progressive trigger
    • Mark III - Support heels on the back - lies firmly
    • Rupes - made in Italy since 1947
    • Fantastic balance and nice movement - with Rupe's pulleys & polish
    • Intelligent electronics - more/less torque when needed
    • 9 meter cord - for best accessibility
    • 125mm support washer (Velcro) included
    • Designed for Rupe's polishing system - pulleys and polishing agents


    • Cannot create holograms - thanks to the oscillating motion
    • Very low vibrations - the machine's balance weight is adapted to Rupe's polishing wheels
    • Gives a perfect result after just 1 polishing step on most vehicles - saves time
    • Polishes "cold" thanks to low friction - too much heat can cause damage to the paint
    • Best choice for a safe and secure polishing process - good for you without previous experience
    • Rupes has factories and chemists who manufacture the entire polishing system from machines to polishing wheels and polishing agents - if you have these 3, you can guarantee a perfect result

    Warning information:


    Technical information

    • Support washer etc. - 125
    • Polishing disc max etc - 150
    • Speed ​​v/min - 3000-5200
    • Orbit etc - 15
    • Engine power W - 500
    • Weight kg - 2.6
    • Vibration m/sec² - 2.7
    • Measurement uncertainty m/sec² - 1.7
    • Sound pressure level dB(A) - 88
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