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Rupes Polishing agent DA coarse Compound, 250 ML & 1 L

Rupes Polishing agent DA coarse Compound, 250 ML & 1 L

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DA COARSE High performance cut polishing compound is designed for maximum efficiency. Blue color at Rupes is synonymous with high removal, i.e. often used as a first step to remove scratches quickly on an object in damaged/worn condition. DA coarse does exactly this together with machines with oscillating movement in Rupe's various polishing systems, for best removal together with an aggressive blue pulley in wool, microfiber or foam. High harvest, minimal dust and very easy to dry. The polish quickly becomes transparent so it is easy to see during the work when the scratches are gone. The durable lubrication contributes to long polishing cycles without drying out. The polish leaves an incredibly good shine in relation to how quickly the scratches disappear.

Description of D-A Course Blue Compound polish


  • Blue color at Rupes is synonymous with high harvesting
  • Recommends driving with rupes blue rondels
  • Size 250 ml & 1 L


Very good and simple means to use when you want to remove larger scratches.
Make sure to wash the car thoroughly before use.
2-4 pea drops on the pulley is enough if you polish with an oscillating machine.
The first time it can be good to saturate the pulley by putting a little more agent on the pulley.
Recommends that after polishing, protect the vehicle with a paint protector or wax.

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