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Rupes Polishing agent DA coarse Fine Compound, 250 ML & 1 L

Rupes Polishing agent DA coarse Fine Compound, 250 ML & 1 L

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DA FINE high performance fine polishing compound has been developed for a long time to combine an okay level of removal with the best gloss and finish. DA fine is perfect as a second step after rope removal with DA coarse or as a one-step product together with a yellow wool or foam pulley. DA fine leaves an incredible finish on basically all materials such as lacquer, gelcoat or varnish. The product is extremely easy to wipe off so as not to risk scratching sensitive surfaces with the microfiber cloth unnecessarily. Best suited with Rupe's oscillating polishing system


  • Gives an extremely high gloss with a mirror-like effect while also having perfectly fine cutting
  • Recommend driving with rupes yellow roundabouts
  • Size 250 ml & 1 L


Rupe's Yellow polish gives an extremely high shine with a mirror-like effect, while at the same time it has a perfectly fine finish to be able to polish away any defects from a previous polishing step.
You can use this polish as a one-step product or finish after a rougher polishing step. The product contains grinding crystals that allow you to maintain the same steady cut while polishing.

Make sure to wash the car thoroughly before use.
2-4 pea drops on the pulley is enough if you polish with an oscillating machine.
The first time it can be good to saturate the pulley by putting a little more agent on the pulley.
Recommends that after polishing, protect the vehicle with a paint protector or wax.

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