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Rupes Polish Mille Coarse Blackline 1L

Rupes Polish Mille Coarse Blackline 1L

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Brand new polish from Rupes!

Mille coarse Blackline is a coarse special polishing agent for dark lacquers, gelcoat, carbon fiber and other composite materials. Blackline is in demand and then carefully tested by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) sector, which for a long time refined the recipe for the best possible performance in relation to felling and final finish.

Mille coarse Blackline is intended for use with all types of polishing machines whether rotary, oscillating or gear-driven oscillating motion. With an aggressive polishing wheel, corresponding defects down to P1500 sanding scratches are removed effectively.


  • The product hardly dusts at all
  • Works on dark lacquers, Gelcoat, Carbon fiber and other composite materials
  • Favorite pulleys for Mille blackline so far are Blue Foam pulley and yellow wool pulley
  • Size 1L



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