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Rupes Polermedel Uno Pure Ultra finishing Compound, 250 ML & 1 L

Rupes Polermedel Uno Pure Ultra finishing Compound, 250 ML & 1 L

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UNOPURE Ultra finishing compound is a state-of-the-art polish, developed and produced by rupe's chemistry team in Italy. UNOPURE creates magic in the form of shine on the most difficult-to-work lacquer types, even in dark colours. Whether you have a rotary, gear-driven or oscillating polisher, unopure gloss performs at the absolute highest optical clarity when used with Rupe's bigfoot polishing system, machines and pulleys. The product contains no fillers, it is easy to use and to wipe off for the best possible experience. UNOPURE leaves a surface Pure (clean) and completely ready for a wax or varnish protection. For the best shine, use Rupe's white foam roller.


  • Gives great shine
  • Contains no fillers, easy and flexible to wipe off.
  • Recommend driving with rupes white rims
  • Size 250 ml & 1 L


Make sure to wash the car thoroughly before use.
2-4 pea drops on the pulley is enough if you polish with an oscillating machine.
The first time it can be good to saturate the pulley by putting a little more agent on the pulley.
Recommends that after polishing, protect the vehicle with a paint protector or wax.

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