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Rupes Foam Roller DA PADS COARSE Fine Yellow

Rupes Foam Roller DA PADS COARSE Fine Yellow

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Rupe's Yellow foam pulley is the most versatile polishing pad from Rupe's new DA polishing system. This is the roundel for those who want to work on the shine but still be able to remove some light scratches and holograms / polish roses. Specially developed for oscillating polishing machines with also forced rotating polishing machines.


  • Area of ​​use: Gloss polishing, polish
  • Suitable polishing agent: Rupes DA Fine Compound
  • height: 25mm


DA Fine is a really lovely pad that is almost always used at some point during the polishing process. It is very versatile as it delivers high gloss and good depth, yet can remove holograms / polish roses.

There are many sizes of polishing pads and many different sizes of polishing machines. The most common on polishing machines are 75mm (Rupes Mini), 95/100mm (Double oscillating machines), 125mm (eg Rupes 15) and 150mm (eg Rupes 21).

Rupe's pulleys are delivered in closed, high-quality packaging that protects against harmful UV light, humidity and contamination.

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