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Scangrip Examination lamp Line Light Bonnet C+R

Scangrip Examination lamp Line Light Bonnet C+R

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The Scangrip Line Light Bonnet C+R is an awesome lamp that you should have in your garage!
With this light, you can attach it to the roof or under the hood to illuminate the interior or engine compartment to work in dark and tight spaces.

ATTENTION! Longer delivery time on this item!

Danish Scangrip are known worldwide for their high-quality lamps that are very suitable for polishing and are easy to use!


  • Battery-powered bright work lamp for engine room and interior etc
  • Telescopic, can be extended from 1.2 - 1.7 m
  • 75 degree beam angle
  • Extremely light, only 1000 grams including holder


Instead of having a headlamp or other type of lamp, this one is really good!
Light up the interior and work with the interior if it is recond or some other type of repair to be carried out. Perfect for private individuals or entrepreneurs

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