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Sumake Pocket Blow Gun Pad Cleaner

Sumake Pocket Blow Gun Pad Cleaner

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Sumake Pocket blow gun padcleaner PBG is very powerful despite its small size. Rotorjet technology blows powerful air pulses, which makes PBG ideal for blowing clean polishing pads during and after work. A clean polishing wheel provides better efficiency both to remove defects and to give the best possible shine and last longer. Other examples of areas of use are cleaning dust from vehicles or general cleaning on hard-to-reach surfaces and blowing clean work clothes after a tough work shift.

This is not a stock item so slightly longer delivery time than usual.


  • Clean polishing pads quickly and efficiently
  • Blow clean vehicle from dust
  • Clean hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Small and powerful H 95 x W 147 mm
  • Air nipple not included, 1/4" internal connection



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