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SUMAKE pneumatic wrench 3/4'' ST-C5644

SUMAKE pneumatic wrench 3/4'' ST-C5644

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SUMAKE ST-C5644 pneumatic wrench 3/4"

Delivery time 5-10 days


  • High torque 2034 Nm
  • Short, only 209mm and light, 3kg
  • Magnesium alloy in the hammer housing for lower weight
  • Spring-loaded slats for increased operational reliability
  • Pressure sensitive trigger
  • Swivel air connection
  • The return air down through the handle

Drive pin 3/4
Torque max Nm 2034
Air consumption l/min 540
Length etc 209
Weight kg 3
Vibration ISO28927 m/sec² 8.6
Measurement uncertainty m/sec² 1.5
Sound pressure level dB(A) 96
Air inlet thread inch 3/8
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