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SWISSVAX Shield PTFE (Teflon) 50ml & 200ml

SWISSVAX Shield PTFE (Teflon) 50ml & 200ml

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Swissvax is a wax of really high quality.
General guidelines for applying wax from Swissvax is to take your time and enjoy the essence and feel of a genuine handmade Swissvax product.
This wax is specially designed to protect your vehicle during the winter months. The treated varnish will have a very high resistance to natural elements



  • The optimal protection, enriched with PTFE (teflon) for best resistance
  • Perfect winter wax
  • 40% premium Brazilian carnauba wax
  • The treated varnish will have a very high resistance to natural elements
  • The varnish should be cleaned thoroughly before application for the best effect
  • 50 ml 3-4 cars.
  • 200ml jar should at least be enough for 15 applications on normal-sized cars.


  • Clean the surface to be waxed thoroughly with isopropanol, this makes the wax adhere better, which in turn means that the product stays longer on the surface. You get better durability and effect.
  • Use a soft applicator or apply the wax with your bare hand. Take some wax on the applicator and apply with soft circular movements.
  • Let the wax sit for 5-10 minutes. Wipe with high-quality microfiber cloths in soft, gentle movements. If the cloth is unable to wipe away more, change to a new one so that no residue remains on the surface.

Avoid working in direct sunlight!

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