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Tear off microfiber roll 75 microfiber sheets

Tear off microfiber roll 75 microfiber sheets

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Tear off microfiber roll is the new washable hyper-efficient alternative to the usual paper roll. The microfiber sheets tear off easily in the soft seam in pieces of 30 x 30 cm. The area of ​​use is very large in several sectors such as car care, industry and workshops.


  • The roll contains 75 30 x 30 cm microfiber sheets
  • Soft fine edges, even after tearing
  • 200 GSM in high quality
  • Washable



Perfect to have in washrooms such as OK/Q8 where customers can use these microfiber cloths to clean the interior of the car or in the engine compartment where you don't want to ruin expensive microfiber cloths.


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